Valentines is coming!

Todays DIY is how to make a floral centre piece for your Valentines dinner. It's super simple, quick and easy to make. It's sure to add that touch of romance to your table! 

Here's what you will need:

Floral foam/Oasis - Make sure you've got enough to snugly fit your container, and pre-soak it in a sink/bowl of water. You will know when it's ready as it turns from a lightish green to a very dark green. Mine only took a few minutes to be complety saturated.

Flowers - Any flowers you like, and in any colour. To fill my square of floral foam (Sitting in a breakfast bowl sized container) I purchased 4 bunches of carnations, each bunch had 10 stems in it. Of course depending on the size and mixture of your flowers you may need more or less flowers.

Scissors - To cut the stems off the flowers, so make sure they aren't your best fabric scissors! 

Here's how to DIY!:

1) Gather your flowers. I had them sitting in a big vase with flower food in it, so they were at their best for this project. I've gone for an ombre colour palette, from crisp white to dark purple.

2) Grab your pre-soaked Oasis, and pop it in the container. It will be very heavy so if you've got an unusual shape make sure to support the whole thing otherwise it may snap. Your container/vase should allow for extra water to be added each day to keep your floral arrangement looking it's best. I can add extra water around the sides of my oasis. 

3) Take your flowers and trim so they have a shorter stem. Depending on the size of your Oasis you may want to cut the stems longer or short than me. When you start to place the stems into your block, you will get a feel for how long they need to be. Always cut your stems on a diagonal so the water can easily be taken by the flower.

4) Start to assemble your floral display, I started in the middle at the top, and worked my way around. There is no need to make a hole in the oasis before you pop the flower in, it will hold better if you just push the stem straight into the block.

5) Keep popping the flowers into your Oasis block, I kept turning my arrangement around so I could see all sides, and worked my way from top to bottom. I wanted the top to look the neatest and fullest as it is going to sit on a table, and this is the bit we would see the most. 

Once your floral foam is completely covered you are finished! YAY! It really is that simple. 

Now all you have to do is set the table for your romantic dinner...

The rose petals and bougainvillaea petals are from my confetti pops and glassine envelopes. The red ombre dip-dyed napkin is from this DIY, the perfect colour to re-use at Valentines! 

I would love to see what you make with this DIY! Please send your photo's to

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Harriet xxx