Our new range of Confetti Filled Glassine Envelopes are available to buy!

Our confetti filled glassine envelopes are packed full of fun! 

Each one is filled with approximately 60 hand cut eco friendly biodegradable confetti pieces, in bright pops of colour to really make your photo's stand out! And either real freeze dried rose petals, bougainvillaea petals or hand cut dried lavender from my local lavender farm an adding that extra sprinkle of love! 

All our tissue paper is made from up to 80% recycled pulp, and uses soy based ink making it venue friendly around the world! 

Why choose TotallyPinnable confetti envelopes? 

1) Our confetti envelopes are very easy to distribute amongst your guests, tuck them into your 'Order of Service', lay them on the seats, give them to your flower girls, or popped into cards and bouquets to add that extra special touch! 

2) Using our confetti envelopes ensures even distribution amongst your guests, allowing your photographer to capture as many images as possible! YAY! (Ever been to a wedding only to find they've run out of confetti! Me too, booo.) By ordering an envelope for each of your guests everyone will be able to shower you with brilliant coloured confetti!

3) There's no accidentally dropped confetti. Those beautiful cones you see in photoshoots just don't allow for little hands to distribute safely, so instead of picking the confetti up of the floor, use our envelopes. Simply peel the sticker back and let the confetti fall into your hand! 

4) All our confetti envelopes can be fully customisable! YAY! 
Fancy your own art work on the front? No worries, we can do that. 
Fancy different coloured confetti pieces? Again we can pick from every colour of the rainbow, just ask. 
Want different petals in your envelope? We can arrange that too. 

All or confetti envelopes measure 45x60mm, the perfect size to hold in your hand. Our confetti pieces measure approximately 1 inch wide. Please note the sticker may vary on the back. All our petals are real biodegradable petals, and so will vary slightly in shape and size - nature at it's very best! 

If you have any questions please feel free to ask! I would love to hear from you! 
Harriet xx