New! Wedding Confetti by the handful!

Our new wedding confetti is so beautiful and will look amazing in your wedding photos! And now available in boxes of 60 handfuls! What's more iconic than walking through a huge swirl of slow flutter confetti?!

The confetti is made in bright pops of colour to really make your photo's stand out! With optional real freeze dried Rose, Bougainvillea or Hydrangea petals, adding that extra sprinkle of love! 

The tissue paper confetti is made up of large, slow fall diamonds.

All our tissue paper is made from up to 80% recycled pulp, and uses soy based ink making it venue friendly around the world! Each piece of confetti is hand cut ensuring the best shape, and is completely biodegradable!

The confetti will come flattened, to make the postage cheaper. Simply pop your confetti into your container or large bowl, and run your hands through it to fluff it up! 

There will be enough confetti for approximately 60 handfuls, depending on how much each person picks up! It's always better to have more confetti than not enough! And if you have any spare your guests can shower you with confetti all over again during your first dance!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! And we can do any colour of the rainbow, and can order tissue paper to match your wedding colours!

Available to purchase HERE!