Flamingo Confetti Pops!

Our hand cut, slow flutter confetti is perfect for any flamingo lover out there! Our large confetti pops are full to the brim with large, slow fall tissue paper confetti. 

The flamingo confetti pop has white, grey, pale pink, neon pink tissue paper confetti pieces, alongside hot cerise pink metallic foil confetti. 

The tissue paper confetti is completely biodegradable, and the foil pieces can be picked up and used again. The confetti pop is food safe, meaning you can re-use it for cakes/snacks.

Simply take the lid off the confetti pop, and push the stick into the pop!

I recommend giving the stick a good sharp push into the pop to make the confetti fly as far as possible. The other option is to hold onto the stick and fling the confetti out of the top with a swing of your arm.

The slow fall confetti with look fantastic in your photo's  as the large pieces slowly flutter to the ground. 

The confetti pops are available to buy through my Shop HERE