DIY white winter jars..


How is everyone? I hope you are all ok and enjoying the crisp clear days,  even though the temperature has dropped! I know we are enjoying snuggling up by our little log fire in the evenings, under cosy blankets and mugs of hot tea!

Todays DIY is going to use up those jars and bottles that seem to collect in our house. Jam jars, pickle jars, sauce jars, wine bottles etc. white winter jars DIY

The easiest way to remove the labels is to pop them in the sink, and pour boiling water over them, then wait for a few minutes. The boiling water will help to soften the glue and fingers crossed the labels will slide off.

After the labels are off give them another quick rinse with hot water and washing up liquid to make sure there is no residue left.

Your jars/bottles are now ready to be recycled into something beautiful, and cheap! 


Here are the supplies you will need:

Glass jars/bottles with the labels removed

masking tape


spray paint/snow paint

newspaper (to protect your work surface)

tealights/fairylights white winter jars DIY

I had two widths of masking tape, but you can double yours up if it's too thin, or cut thick tape in half, I even cut my thinnest tape in half for some really small lines. Decide on which sections you want clear glass, and which bits you want painted, and then mask off the sections you want to keep clear. white winter jars DIY

i've used stripes, blocks and covered the whole bottle in paint.

My first attempts were more of a test batch, as there were a few things I changed on my second batch.

For example, in my first batch I didn't rub the masking tape onto the bottle enough, resulting in slightly soft edges on my paint, I also didn't cover the tops of the bottles/jars, and some of my spray paint blew in over the top (spray painting in the dark and wind was not my best idea!). It creates a slightly misty look on the inside of the glass, almost like snow, which is fine for a few, but I didn't want this on all of them. white winter jars DIY

So for the second batch I covered the tops of my jars/bottles with masking tape, being careful not to interrupt the pattern on the outside. The picture above shows the bottle tops open, and the one below is where I've covered it over, i only covered the very smallest amount of the side where the lid would have screwed onto, as I didn't want to interrupt the pattern. white winter jars DIY

You will get an idea of what the finished jars will look like with the masking tape on, just remember it will be the other way round, so the clear bits will be white, and the taped bits will be clear.

Simply take your jars outside, cover the area with newspaper and spray with your paint. It's best to do a few thin coats rather than one thick one, as the paint will pool and possibly run.

Let dry, and then peel the masking tape off. You're done! 

The images below are of my finished jars! YAY!

I did use snow spray to start with, but it didn't dry solid enough for my liking (My little jars will need to be transportable as we have Christmas at our families home!), so I swapped to using white spray paint instead. But you could use any colour and any pattern. white winter Jars DIY

I've popped a string of battery fairy lights in and around my jars for a twinkly look, but as soon as I've got some salt I will pop it in the bottom and drop a tea light candle into it.

These fairy lights are on a wire from Wilkinsons, which is fab as you can bend the wire into any shape you like, and with a battery pack, they can sit on a table without trailing wires. white winter jars DIY

I hunted through my crafting box for some ribbon to add to the jars, I think they look really cute! white winter jars DIY

I can't wait to make our table super Christmassy with little candles dotted everywhere! white winter jars DIY

I would love to see what you guys make! Send your images into us and we might pop them on the blog!

Harriet xx