DIY Pompom Garland!


I hope everyone is staying cosy! Today's DIY is how to make a pompom garland! I love these little balls of wool, they make any space super cosy!

I've made a red and white one for Christmas, but last spring I made a yellow, white and blue one to decorate our little cottage.

You will need:

A pompom maker (In various sizes, or two circles of cardboard)


Scissors DIY pompom Christmas garland DIY pompom garland

I've got three different sized pompom makers, one small, one medium and one large. My large one is pretty big and uses a lot of wool, so I tend to use it sporadically. The bigger pompoms also look slightly less full compared to the smaller ones, even with wrapping as much wool around it as I can fit. DIY pompom garland

Start with your preferred sized pom pom maker, or use two circles of card with a hole cut in the middle (The old fashioned way!) I've used pom pom makers as they speed the process up and are much easier to use.

Your pompom maker will open up on both sides, allowing you to wind the wool around really quickly! DIY pompom garland

Start by winding your wool around one half of the pompom maker (There should be two coloured sections on one side). Don't tie your wool on it, but hold it in place with your fingers. Try and wrap the wool on to it one layer at a time. Work your way over all the blue coloured section, then back over what you've just done. DIY pompom garland

Keep winding the wool until your side gets quite thick. Make sure you follow the shape of the curve, don't be tempted to fill in the little arch near the centre of your pompom maker, as your pom will come out slightly oval.

Wind your wool on until you are happy with the thickness. I like my poms to be quite full, so I try to add as much as I can. DIY pompom garland

When one side is done, simply click that half back into the middle, and open the other side. There is no need to tie the wool to keep it in place, just tuck it into the middle.

Repeat the steps above to fill up the other half. DIY pompom garland

Yay! You are almost done! When you've filled up both sides, your pom should look a little like this. See how even the wool is on the sides of the pompom maker. Keeping it even will result in a more rounded pompom! DIY pompom garland

Next you need to snip the sides in half. The pompom maker comes with a little groove that you can slide your scissors into. DIY pompom garland

Snip your wool all the way around the pompom maker. Make sure to cut all the little bits, and your pompom should look like this... DIY pompom garland

Next, take a length of wool, this will be what holds all those little lengths of wool in place. I normally use the same colour as my pompom, but feel free to use a different colour. Remember, when you tie your pompom onto something, this length will be showing. 

Slide the longer length of wool into the groove where your scissors went, and wrap it around the pompom in the middle. You will then pull the wool into the middle of your pompom pulling all the little sections of wool in really tightly. The tighter you can get this part, the less likely it is your pompom will fall apart. 

I like to wrap my wool around the pompom a few times, pulling it as tight as I can each time. On the final wrap around, make a little knot so it won't come undone. DIY pompom garland

When you have tied your pompom together, you can slide it out of it's maker. Simply pull open one side of your pompom maker, and then the other, and pull the two sections apart. DIY pompom garland

You can see the two sections of the pompom maker here, and your almost ready pompom! Give it a little fluff up in your hands to make it round. DIY pompom garland

Next up, your little pom will need a haircut. Depending on how neatly you wrapped your yarn, and how big it is, it may only need a little snip here and there, or it might need a little bit more to get it looking really round.

If your not that fussy on super neat poms you can skip this step. I quite like both the super neat, and the slightly messy ones, which is good when I can't be bothered to snip the little bits off! DIY pompom garland

Fluff your pompom up once more, and it's ready! YAY! Keep the longer length of wool so you've got something to tie your pompom up with. If you are planning on using these as juggling balls etc just snip it off. DIY pompom garland

The steps above were showing you how to make a plain pompom, but it's very easy to make multicoloured ones. 

The steps below show you how to make a polkadot pompom.

1) Simply start with a layer of white wool, making sure to completely cover the blue plastic section. Then pick your second colour, I've used red for Christmas! This time, wrap your wool with gaps in-between, this will make your spots. 

2) Next wrap another layer of white, completely covering the red wool. I've used two layers of white, as I wanted my pompom to be more white than red. But experiment with your layering until you are happy with the results.

3) Again, add another layer of red, with the gaps in, and keep going layer by layer until your pompom side is full. 

4) Start on the other side of your pompom, following steps one to three, until your pompom is completely full. I've left one side just white on top, as I didn't want two layers of red together when It's cut. DIY pompom garland

Next you will snip all the way around your pompom just like making a plain one, but this time you will be able to see that pattern starting to emerge! 

You can clearly see the layers here, and that by evenly spacing the red wool it creates little polka dots! DIY pompom garland

Again trim your poms and carry on making as many as you need for your project.

You can see below the different sized pompoms. I still prefer the smaller ones to the big one, as they look fuller and fluffier! DIY pompom garland

This pompom will be mainly red, with white polka dots, I've wound the white wool around a few times for each dot to make them bigger when it's cut. DIY pompom garland

This pompom will be just one colour. DIY pompom garland

You can play around with plain, polka dotted and stripy pompoms. I've made a mixture for my Christmas garland! DIY pompom garland

Lay your pompoms out in a line (If you are making a garland) so you can see the colours together. I like mine all mixed up, but you can follow a pattern if you like. I've also used different sized pompoms, but you could use all the same size.

Simply then tie your poms onto a piece of ribbon or wool, and trim the longer lengths of wool off, and your garland is done! DIY pompom garland

Here you can see I've used red wool to tie my pompoms onto, but you could also use a thick blunt needle and thread the pompoms through the middle onto your garland. DIY pompom garland

I think they make the perfect Christmas garland, they look so cosy, and will be super easy to store! DIY pompom garland

I've popped our garland above our fireplace, and added two medium honeycomb decorations at each end, and a string of red fairy lights to finish it off. DIY pompom garland

I would love too see what you have been making with your pompoms! Any Christmas decorating ideas?

Harriet xx