How to DIY your very own bonfire cakes!

Bonfire Cakes DIY:

Our very first post will be how to DIY some pretty little bonfire cakes! YAY!

First you need to get your supplies together, as it was the weekend I cheated and used boxed cake mix (Just follow the instructions for your cake as to what ingredients you need.)

Here's what I had:

 1 packet of chocolate cake mix (You can use any flavour)

2 eggs (For the cake mix)

Baking cups

1 packet of boiled sweets

Chocolate covered sticks

Not photographed:

cake tins

baking tray

Baking paper



cooling rack

coloured sprinkles

white chocolate stars

Candy Floss

totally pinnable bonfire cake ingredients

It really helps to get all of your ingredients together before you start to make sure you aren't missing anything.

totally pinnable bonfire cake ingredients

 Make your cupcakes according to the instructions/recipe.

totally pinnable bonfire cake mix

Whilst the cakes are baking you can start to make your 'flames'! I chose a really cheap packet of boiled sweets as I really liked the colours of them! These are the super sticky kind that I can remember my nan giving me as a little kid! 

totally pinnable bonfire cake sweets for the flames

Take them out of their wrappers and lay them on a baking sheet covered in greaseproof paper. The paper is a must if you want to get your 'flame' off after! It is a super sticky mixture, but will just peel off the baking paper.

I like my 'flames' to start darker at the bottom and go lighter at the top, so I've arranged my sweets in colour density on the baking sheet, but feel free to pop them on in any order you like! I would love to see your finished 'flames'!

totally pinnable bonfire cake boiled sweets flames

When the cakes are done, let the oven cool a little and pop your 'flames' into the oven. I found melting them at gas mark 4, for between 5-10 minutes worked for me. Keep an eye on them in your oven as all ovens will cook differently!

When it comes out it should all have melted together in a super sticky mess! Don't worry, just leave it to cool and harden. I like the little air bubbles in the mixture, as it adds texture to the finished 'flames', but if you don't you can sometimes pop them with a cocktail stick. But be quick, as it hardens very quickly!

totally pinnable bonfire cake boiled sweets flames

Once your sheet is completely cooled you can start to break it up into the 'flames'! I've tried several methods, and it always seems to break randomly, which I quite like. But if you've had any luck with being able to control the breakages please let me know! 

I've tried scoring the shape I would like into the top of the sheet with a sharp knife, and also taking another sheet of baking paper and holding it where I would like it to snap.

You will want to use baking paper where ever you touch the 'flames' otherwise you will end up with fingerprints all over it, it is very sticky!!

totally pinnable bonfire cake boiled sweets flames

When you are happy with your flames, and your cupcakes have cooled you can start to decorate them! Yay! This is the fun bit! 

Take your cupcakes on the cooling rack, and pop a sheet or two of kitchen towel/a tea towel underneath to catch any bits that might drop off.

You will want to assemble the decorations quite close to eating them for them to look their best! I found after a day or so my 'flames' had dissolved into the cakes!

totally pinnable bonfire cake cupcakes chocolate

I used chocolate cake mixture as I wanted my cakes to look like the ground around a camp fire, so to ensure the flames would be seen against the dark cake, I popped a little tuft of candy floss on the top of each one. (If you don't have any candy floss to hand, you could always use marshmallows or cake frosting)

totally pinnable bonfire cakes candy floss

Next I added some of my 'Mikado' chocolate sticks, but you could use anything. Last year I used 'Flakes' and 'Chocolate Fingers', but as I wanted the 'flames' to be the star of the show I kept the other parts minimal.

totally bonfire cakes candy floss sticks

The chocolate sticks help to hold the flames in place, but I also pushed the flames into the cake top slightly. You can see that the candy floss really highlights the colour of the sweet flames! If you had a pale cake mixture or frosting on top, you might not need the candy floss.

totally pinnable bonfire cakes candy floss sticks flames

Next up I added some coloured sprinkles (from my amazing Rainbow Unicorn sprinkler that I was given!) and some white chocolate stars to help give the cakes a little sparkle!

totally pinnable bonfire cake sprinkles rainbow unicorn

I think they look fantastic with the light coming through from the back. Super sparkly and completely edible!

totally pinnable bonfire cakes flames sweets sticks stars rainbow unicorn
totally pinnable bonfire cakes sweet flames stars chocolate sticks rainbow unicorn

I would love to see what you guys made for Bonfire Night! Any family traditions you follow?

Drop me an email and I might just show your craftiness on the blog!


Harriet xoxo